Musicals Published by DOMINIE

By Maurie Mulheron & Peter Varley

This exciting show tells the incredible story of how a film, which wasn't even made, is able to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. Impossible? Anything is possible in Hollywood where dreams (and nightmares) can quickly become reality.

The story begins in a disused movie studio where HAL, the caretaker, ponders on the state of the movie world. He is soon joined by a motley collection of old "has-been" actors; young, brash drama school graduates; "stars" of amateur dramatic societies, including Othello & Desdemona; and even an Elvis impersonator! This unlikely group of actors are all waiting in the studio until they are needed nearby, to be used as extras in some latest blockbuster. After some reminiscing about the 'good old days' of Hollywood, the extras, under HAL's direction, act out the story of how "The Sky is Blue" was able to win an Academy Award even after filming had been abandoned. It is this action that forms the basis for the musical BEST PICTURE and, in true Hollywood style, the musical offers everything; laugher, tears, dancing, songs, suspense, conflict…and, a great ending!

Script by Charles Slucki, Music & lyrics by Julian Duband

This musical is about 'us' and what it means to grow up in this part of the world. It is about our school days, the friends made and the friends lost, the teachers, the personalities and, most of all, about finding our sense of self.

Easily staged, wonderfully accessible and very relevant, this story is the perfect antidote for teenage plays filled with messages, meaning and issues.

Written by two Australian teachers, this musical will appeal to students and teachers alike. There is also the advantage of either using your own school orchestra or a backing CD.

Act One can also be used a stand-alone mini musical, suitable for both high schools with limited time and primary schools.

By Maurie Mulheron & Peter Varley

Thrown together in a rock band are a computer whiz-kid called Smar Alec; a fast food junkie, Sticks; Crazey Dazey, a gutsy saxophonist; a loveable bass player, Barry Mundey (who prefers to be called Fish) and their earnest leader Ace. A band with no prospects, no name & no singer. They decide to enter the prestigious Songquest, and in doing so find themselves on a musical odyssey.

Music by Amanda Peterson, Book & lyrics by Patrick Barnett

Based on the well-loved novel by Jane Austen, the musical has managed to keep the character of Jane Austen's writing in the ironic humour, the characterisation an in the seventeen songs that grace the show.

It is easy to stage, and the cast numbers 22 but could be built up by adding chorus or cut be doubling to 15. There are nine good female roles, including the two leading roles of ELIZABETH & MRS BENNET.

Music by Amanda Peterson, Book & lyrics by Patrick Barnett

A new musical based on Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'. This script is designed to allow the director a great deal of freedom in production; the language has been modernised for the sake of clarity: this also allows the play to be set in any period - or no period at all. Patrick has concentrated on the shylock theme, and has completely cut the "ring" sub-plot. There is much opportunity for spectacle; the opening scene is Venice at Carnival time. The casket scenes involve singing, dancing and (again) an opportunity for spectacle. This is a strongly dramatic show; comic relief provided by the Gobbos and also by Salanio and Salarino. Both these duos have a comic song to perform.

By Maurie Mulheron & Peter Varley

A Madcap Musical Romp. Take an open stage and add some characters. Include a corrupt Judge Throttlebottom who unfairly sentences Nigel Sudsworth and court report Penelope Lane to death. Allow Nigel and Penelope to bargain with a blues-singing, riddle-cracking Devil, who is occasionally found wearing a ballerina tutu and football socks! A bargain that sends them off in search of some real villains; a mad psychiatrist and the world's most depressing hypochondriac, a gypsy, Mexican freedom fighters, Australian bushrangers, a ship full of female pirates and a pack of vicious bikies led by rough Rhonda. A sure recipe for a Mad Musical Romp for a large or small cast, many parts can be doubled or trebled.

Lots of humour with a great variety of musical styles. Many strong female roles, ideal for co-ed schools.