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Grammar Conventions - Book 6 3rd Edition

Grammar Conventions - Book 6 3rd Edition
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Code: 0966-CN
Author: L. O'Brien & J. Walters
ISBN/EAN: 9781925487343

Product Information

  • An exciting and innovative new series devised to assist in the teaching of grammar.
  • Provides stimulating activities that will develop students' language skills. 
  • Incorporates activities that address both traditional and functional grammar. 
  • Systematically provides all students with interesting and achievable activities based on fulfilling new national grammatical requirements. 
  • Content is specifically developed as required for each year level. 
  • Content is carefully organised into bite-sized achievable units with extensive use of graphics to assist in the easier understanding of many concepts. 
  • As new concepts are introduced teachers are given specific teaching points upon which they can focus their students' attention. 
  • Most units are developed around a particular text type which feature high-interest content that students will enjoy reading. 
  • Designed in full colour with attractive activities and fabulous age-appropriate illustrations throughout.
Ideal for Year 6

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