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Time for Reading Comprehension - Foundation

Time for Reading Comprehension - Foundation
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ISBN/EAN: 9781922242228

Product Information

  • Time for Reading Comprehension - Foundation is one of a series designed to help children develop reading skills.
  • Specific attention has been given to a variety of strategies and reading techniques that will help develop understanding, interpreting and responding.
  • Each unit addresses specific activities and introduces a variety of lessons that will help the child develop skills in reading.
  • It provides activities for children to enjoy and develops an understanding that combining letters forms words and the combination of words forms stories.
  • The lessons build on knowledge and word recognition and further enriches and extends the skills associated with reading and comprehension.
  • The topics introduced encourage talking, listening and writing.
  • They can further be developed into other areas of the curriculum.
  • While the activities develop skills over time there are opportunities to practise and develop more advanced reading skills as the year progresses.
  • A full set of answers is provided at the back of the book for the busy teacher and parent who have a child that can work independently in reading.
Ideal for Kindergarten

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