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Targeting Grammar - Activity Book 3

Targeting Grammar - Activity Book 3
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Code: 1273-EN
Author: Del Merrick
ISBN/EAN: 9781925076592

Product Information

  • The Targeting Grammar Activity Book series explains and demonstrates the fundamentals of grammar for primary students.
  • Each book delivers basic instruction on grammar conventions appropriate to the year level.
  • The activities provide a step-by-step process towards achieving knowledge and understanding of the elements of grammar and their practical application.
  • The books explain the 'parts of speech' - the types of words that make up our language - such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  • They feature a section for each, which contains the following:
  • Essentials - included at the beginning, these pages summarise the main element of each part of speech and provide examples.
  • Activities - parts of speech are explored through a variety of activities to ensure that students have grasped the learning before moving on to the next idea.
  • Challenges - activities appear throughout the sections to allow students to extend themselves through more complex and longer-form questioning.
Ideal for Year 3

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