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Spelling Conventions - Book 6 PDF's CD-ROM

Spelling Conventions - Book 6 PDF's CD-ROM
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Code: 1676-SP
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ISBN/EAN: 9780980465532

Product Information

  • This CD-ROM contains PDF's of the Activity Book to be used on a whiteboard or computer.
  • Spelling Conventions are syllabus based spelling books that are designed to develop spelling skills, quickly and efficiently.
  • Has a focus on high frequency words built into every unit reflecting most of a child's written language.
  • Practises syllabus based phonics in every unit.
  • Incorporates words from Key Learning Areas.
  • Has a focus on building strong spelling skills including Visual, Morphemic, Phonological and Etymological.
  • Requires students to undertake simple grammar and punctuation tasks.
  • Provides practice for NAPLAN tests by presenting NAPLAN style questions.
Ideal for Year 6
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