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Prime Mathematics - Teacher's Guide 6A

Prime Mathematics - Teacher's Guide 6A
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ISBN/EAN: 9789810744465

Product Information

PRIME Mathematics has been adapted from the highly acclaimed and widely proven Primary Mathematics Project developed by the Ministry of Education in Singapore.
More than that, it combines world's best practice pedagogy from the three top-performing nations into a comprehensive and proven maths approach.

The series works because it contains -

  • Explicit problem solving with an emphasis on both the processes and strategies, including the "bar model".
  • Students learn through consist pedagogy and a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.
  • Topics take a deep dive into the development of concepts to build mastery through scaffolding.
  • Students actively develop meta-language and metacognitive thinking.
  • Teachers' professional learning is enhanced through using world's best practice.
Ideal for Year 6

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