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Building Mental Strategies Skill - Book 4

Building Mental Strategies Skill - Book 4
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ISBN/EAN: 9780170370578

Product Information

  • For students to feel successful in mathematics, they need sound mental strategies that they can utilise in a variety of contexts.
  • The Nelson Maths: Australian Curriculum Building Mental Strategies Skill Books support the development of these strategies.
  • Step-by-step instructions and well-designed activities provide the essential building blocks for each student's progress in mathematics.
  • The 34 units in each Skill Book cover the mental strategies found in Counting, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  • Each unit is divided into three sections:
  • The first section introduces the focus of the lesson and explains the mental strategy being developed. Activities provide students with an opportunity to practise the strategy.
  • 'Taking it Further' expends the strategy and skills being taught and provides students with more of a challenge.
  • 'Solve the Problem!' provides students with an opportunity to use the learned strategy in a different context.

Each Skill Book:

  • is linked to the Australian Curriculum
  • comes with a pull-out answers section
  • has an informative and comprehensive Glossary.
Ideal for Year 4

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