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Science Now Teacher's CD 1

Science Now Teacher's CD 1
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Code: 3031-SC
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ISBN/EAN: 9780992459642

Product Information

  • Science Now is an exciting new series which directly supports the Australian Curriculum Science component.
  • The information and supporting activities contained in the series will give students a sound understanding of the natural and made environment.
  • This series of workbooks are designed to develop student's scientific understanding of biological, chemical, physical, and earth and space sciences through the various content strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills.


  • Develop understanding of physical science, chemical sciences (material world), biological sciences (living world) and earth and space sciences.
  • Plenty of hands-on learning through investigations and experiments.
  • Focuses on building strong science inquiry skills.
  • Inferential questioning included in almost every unit.
  • Beautifully presented in full colour.
  • Curriculum alignment grid presented on the inside front cover.
  • Half-yearly and yearly assessment units.
  • Pull-out answers provided in each book.
  • Student and teacher friendly.
CD Features:
  • A great valuable supplementary compact disc is available for purchase.
  • Each disc contains a non-printable PDF version of the corresponding book designed to be projected throughan IWB or onto a standard whiteboard.

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