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HSC Maths: Practice Questions by Topic

HSC Maths: Practice Questions by Topic
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Code: 3802-SEC
Author: Owain Rowland-Jones
ISBN/EAN: 9781876580254

Product Information

  • This maths study book features a full range of the types of questions asked in previous HSC examinations using each HSC maths topic.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive range of questions organised by topic with:
    • fully worked solutions for each questions
    • formula test for each topic
    • general strategies for approaching questions on the topic
    • student record sheet, to record progress
    • tips for helping to solve questions
  • 3 complete practice HSC papers that:
    • use the format and layout of the HSC examination
    • use questions based on previous HSC papers
  • One of the papers is an annotated demonstration paper showing how to approach the examination.

The result is a book that allows students to experience the complete range of the types of questions asked and which they can use:

  • in Year 11 and Year 12, while studying the topic in class
  • before the examination during revision and final study
  • to concentrate on and improve in weaker topics
Ideal for Upper Secondary
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