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Grammar: A Guide for Teachers

Grammar: A Guide for Teachers
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Code: 5002-TEAB
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ISBN/EAN: 9781743010723

Product Information

  • This useful classroom resource helps teachers create a fun and interesting grammar program that can be integrated with other elements of a balanced literacy program.
  • Knowledge of grammar helps students understand and explain the language choices they make. This guide features background information, practical advice and fun activities that will help students learn about grammar.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • What is good grammar: grammar of speech and writing
  • Types of texts: imaginative, informative and persuasive
  • Levels of textual analysis: paragraphs, sentences, individual words, sub-word level, grammar and spelling
  • Grammar development: early, middle and late years plus English as an additional language or dialect What is a correct sentence
  • Adding extra words, phrases and clauses to enhance meaning: extending verbs and nouns, pronouns, clauses and sentence types
  • Common errors: verbs, pronouns and sentences
  • Ways to help students with grammar: planning, proofing and editing plus agreed criteria, revision STEPS, and games and activities
  • Assessing grammar: correcting and providing feedback plus the art of teaching grammar.
Ideal for K-6

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