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Code: 9592-NOVL
Author: Katherine Thomson
ISBN/EAN: 9780868195742

Product Information

  • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing' observed Irish author and philosopher Edmund Burke.
  • The courage of ordinary people in the face of economic upheaval or public corruption is at the heart of Katherine Thomson's writing.
  • In Navigating we meet Bea, an embattled woman who finds herself in possession of damaging documentary evidence.
  • The seaside town in which she and her sister live is riddled with corruption and buried secrets, as the forces once responsible for a holiday tragedy now conspire to win the contract for a private prison.
  • Unwilling to recognise the fear and deceit around Bea confides on one hollow friend after another.
  • Her small world crumbles. Silence, she discovers, is as damaging as speech.
  • A dense, powerful, witty human drama which goes to the heart of small-town politics and finds sources of unexpected wisdom.

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