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Beautiful Girls and Other Winning Plays

Beautiful Girls and Other Winning Plays
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Code: ABP-05047
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ISBN/EAN: 874400325

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Collection includes:

  • Beautiful Girls 2f 1m.
  • Young Faith hopes to impress her new boyfriend by inviting him over for dinner with her family. But how can a "dependable" girl win the guy of her dreams when her mysteriously captivating younger sister enchants him without even trying?
  • And when her mother is making it even more difficult by being.... herself?
  • While a menacing storm approaches, the evening gets tenser and stranger as the unravelling drama mirrors the young man's play to the letter.
  • Though acutely self-conscious, Faith learns what she is worth and that sometimes what you dream is not what appears.
  • Barbie Get Real! 4f 2m.
  • In the perfect world of Dazzle Barbie, image is everything!
  • Everyone is perpetually happy, beautiful, and ... perfect!
  • For Dazzle and those lucky to be called her friend, life is full of glamour: Corvettes, Dream Houses, Jacuzzis and Proms.
  • But it is perfection with a price as happy pills must be taken to maintain an ideal lifestyle.
  • But when Dazzle's best friend Neon learns that true happiness could simply be inside oneself, she breaks out on her own and threatens every plastic thing Dazzle holds sacred.

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