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Intimate Exchanges A play

Intimate Exchanges A play
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Code: ASFLN-31695
Author: Ayckbourn
ISBN/EAN: 0573016127

Product Information

  • Intimate exchanges, a related series of plays totalling eight scripts, is a fascinating, often hilarious, new concept in stage management and character development.
  • The author even describes it as "a piece of theatrical lunacy".
  • Remarkably, this series of plays can be acted by just two actors, although more could be used if desired.
  • The plays begin with a woman faced with a small, fairly trivial decision.
  • Should she resist having the first cigarette of the day before 6pm?
  • On some nights her willpower is strong enough, on others it isn't.
  • The two quite separate chains of events that result from her choice are published under Volume I and Volume II.
  • In each, at the end of the first scene, another character has to make a further decision, this time of a slightly more important nature.
  • As each scene ends further and more crucial choices still have to be made, culminating in a major course of action.
  • Thus each play is a single strand of a much larger web of interconnecting scenes.

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