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  • Pizzazz consists of three plays intended solely as entertainment.
  • If they have a theme in common, it is that each one deals with travellers - near Dublin, in Rome and on the Shannon - who are apart from their natural environment.
  • A View from the Obelisk - Convalescing from heart surgery, Owen returns to his native Ireland with Rosemary and insists on showing her the view from a hilltop near Dublin.
  • The climb takes rather a lot out of him and Rosemary goes off to summon a car.
  • While she is gone, a young man appears, sketching the view.
  • Owen strikes up a conversation with him, talking as though he'd known him for years.
  • The boy goes, and it is only when Rosemary returns that Owen realises why the boy seemed so familiar to him...
  • Roman Fever - On a restaurant terrace in Rome, Mrs Slade and Mrs Ansley are reminiscing about a Roman holiday they had together many years before.
  • Mrs Slade, envious of Mrs Ansley's daughter's engagement to a young and rich Marchese, cannot resist a spiteful jibe at Mrs Ansley, thereby shattering a cherished memory.
  • In the end it is Mrs Slade herself whose illusions are shattered.
  • Period 1930.
  • Pizzazz - Whilst waiting to hire out cabin cruisers on the River Shannon, two apparent strangers play an elaborate game, which involves re-enacting a marriage on the rocks, with the other people in the reception area as supporting cast.
  • This is a Chinese Box play, and all is not what it seems....

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