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Frog-tastic! Theme 1

Frog-tastic! Theme 1
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Product Information

  • Everything you need!
  • Decorate your entire classroom with this Frog-tastic! theme that children will love.
  • Make your classroom a colourful, hopping learning environment.
  • Theme Set includes a Bonus Border!

Set contains:

  • T-8330 Frog-tastic! Jump-Starters Bulletin Board            
  • Contains 39 pieces measuring up to 445mm tall. Use for student work displays, job assignments, birthdays, student of the week, goal setting and more.                 
  • T-8716 Frog-tastic! Mini Bulletin Board
  • Contains 25 pieces that measure up to 280mm wide. Activity guide included.       
  • T-8720 Frog-tastic! Welcome Phrases Mini Bulletin Board          
  • Contains 31 pieces that measure up to 419mm wide and a resource guide.
  • T-10969 Frog-tastic! Classic Accents Variety Pack
  • Pack of 36. 6 designs. Accents are approximately 140mm tall. Use as name tags, labels, calendar markers, game pieces or mini awards.             
  • T-38410 Happy Birthday Frog-tastic! Chart
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.       
  • T-38411 Days of the Week Frog-tastic Chart                      
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.
  • T-38412 Months of the Year Frog-tastic Chart             
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.
  • T-38413 Welcome Frog-tastic! Chart                
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.
  • T-38414 Job Chart Frog-tastic! Chart    
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.
  • T-46035 Frog Fun Super Shape Stickers  
  • Pack of 800. 5 designs.
  • T-46171 Fine Frogs Super Spot Stickers
  • Pack of 800. 4 designs.
  • T-46303 Frog Frenzy Super Shape Stickers in Larger Shapes
  • Pack of 200. 5 designs. Larger than original Super Shape stickers.
  • T-68060 Frog-tastic! Name Tags
  • Pack of 36. Name tags are self-adhesive and each measure 62mm x 75mm. Great for the first day of school, excursions or as labels.          
  • T-69047 Frog-tastic! Name Plates
  • Pack of 36. Name plates measure 71mm x 236mm.       
  • T-69902 Frog-tastic! Variety Name Plates
  • Pack of 32. 4 designs. Name plates measure 71mm x 236mm. Various colours are ideal for sorting activities, plus labels, locker tags and as a learning tool to teach writing skills.
  • T-73057 Frog-tastic! Incentive Pad
  • 36 sheets per pad. Pads measure about 152mm x 133mm. Encourage kids to meet goals, track progress and reward good behaviour.             
  • T-73334 Frog-tastic! Incentive Chart
  • Chart measures 554mm x 429mm.
  • BONUS!
  • T-85088 Frog-tastic! Bolder Bolder
  • Packs contain 11 borders (68mm x 99.06cm) for a total length of 10.09m.
  • All items in set may not be shown in graphic.

Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

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