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Variety Grip Pack - Pack of 10

Variety Grip Pack - Pack of 10
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Product Information

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  • Different grips for every day of the week!
  • Assorted colours.
  • Grips shown are not actual size.

Kit contains 10 grips:

  • GRP-003 Round Grip-Rite Pencil Grip               
  • GRP-007 T-Won Foam Pencil Grip                      
  • GRP-008 Knobie Foam Pencil Grip      
  • GRP-009 Ribie Foam Pencil Grip             
  • GRP-010 Bear Award Triangle Pencil Grip                 
  • GRP-011 Sports Award Triangle Pencil Grip              
  • GRP-012 Christian Award Triangle Pencil Grip     
  • GRP-014 Xsoft Foam Pencil Grip                   
  • GRP-015 School Award Triangle Pencil Grip
  • GRP-016 Squishy Round Pencil Grip
  • All items in set may not be shown in graphic.

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Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

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