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IAP Resource Books Kit - Pack of 15

IAP Resource Books Kit - Pack of 15
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  • Incredible savings on resource books that are packed with interesting, reproducible activities.
  • Perfect for homework, fast finishers or classwork.
  • Ideal for a casual teacher!

Kit contains 15 books:

  • IAP-121 21 Best-Loved Aussie Poems, Ballads and Songs Ages 10-14
  • This book was created to familiarise Australian students with our best-known works of literature and song lyrics. Activities are included with each song, poem or ballad.
  • IAP-301 Dinosaurs Downunder Ages 10-14
  • Exciting new fossil discoveries in various parts of Australia make this an excellent time for children to be learning about Aussie dinosaurs. Palaeontologists have been delighted with the 'different', dangerous and deadly dinosaurs they've discovered in more than a dozen digs Downunder. There are Australian Dinosaur puzzles (crossword, wordsearch, jumbled words), tasks requiring the matching of words with phrases, cloze exercises, reading comprehension and more. Answers included.                     
  • IAP-630 General Knowledge Research Crosswords Ages 6-8
  • IAP-631 General Knowledge Research Crosswords Ages 9-10
  • IAP-632 General Knowledge Research Crosswords Ages 11+  
  • These resources each contains 20 crosswords designed to broaden students' general knowledge. Some questions will call on students' investigative techniques. There is a section for students to annotate anything else they found out whilst doing research.
  • IAP-1201 No Calculators - Volume 1 Ages 8-10
  • IAP-1202 No Calculators - Volume 2 Ages 11+                                 
  • Human brains, especially developing ones, benefit from exercise the same way our body does.
  • These books contains 1,000 problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using just you brain!                           
  • IAP-1981 Science Research Puzzles Volume 1 Ages 7-10                        
  • IAP-1982 Science Research Puzzles Volume 2 Ages 11+  
  • These photocopiable resources contain puzzles that require students to research the internet or reference books to obtain some answers. 20 Science topics covered in each book.                 
  • IAP-2001 Smarten up in English Ages 6-7                             
  • IAP-2002 Smarten up in English Ages 7-8                             
  • IAP-2003 Smarten up in English Ages 8-9
  • Each of these books contains 40 reproducible English activities that can be used to supplement the core English syllabus. Each page represents a stand alone lesson providing students with practice in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary development, story analysis and more.                           
  • IAP-2004 Smarten up in Maths Ages 6-7                              
  • IAP-2006 Smarten up in Maths Ages 7-8                             
  • IAP-2007 Smarten up in Maths Ages 8-9                            
  • These books are packed with exercises in the most important concepts from the Mathematics syllabus. Worksheets with easy-to-follow instructions and space for working out are provided, along with solutions at the back of the book.
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