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Louisa Eddleston Titles - Pack 1

Louisa Eddleston Titles - Pack 1
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What a Deal!

  • Buy 3 of Louisa Eddleston's most popular titles and receive a FREE copy of her delightful full-colour picture book Queen Averil the Vain!
  • Louisa Eddleston is an experienced Australian teacher and gifted artist. She is the author and illustrator of Urban Animal Outlines, Zoo Animal Outlines, More Than Busy Work, Arty Animal Outlines, Masks Make A Face, All Acrostics, Awards for Everyone, Borders, Borders, Book Covers to Create, Original Animal Outlines, Find-A-Word, Prehistoric Animal Outlines, Marine Animals Outlines, Arid Land Animal Outlines, Rainforest Animals Outlines and Queen Averil the Vain.

Pack contains:

  • 1 x MP-1320 Arty Animal Outlines
  • Ideal for casual teaching and inspiring creativity at home as well as in the classroom.
  • Contains 29 intricately detailed, full page animals.
  • Just the thing to promote artistic confidence and to work on colour balance and pattern repetition.
  • Unlimited uses: displays, jigsaw puzzles, story starters, murals, projects and art competitions.
  • 1 x MP-1417 Zoo Animal Outlines
  • Of course there's a tiger, elephant and giraffe, but if your class wants something more…. Explore the ringtailed lemur, the warty newt or the puffin!
  • No matter if you're off to a real zoo, or a virtual one, these animal outlines will enrich the experience.
  • If you are after fantastic illustrations and endless cross curricular applications, this book is for you! The characteristic line drawings can be used for science and environment investigations, small group presentations,  bookcovers and fine motor development.
  • 1 x MP-1590 Marine Animal Outlines
  • The 29 unique templates are a great way to introduce research; perfect for projects, class discussions, puzzles and decorative murals; and a fun way to improve spatial awareness and fine motor movements.
  • 1 x MP-1425 Queen Averil the Vain (FREE!)
  • There was a little kingdom named Esdras that was known for the poor quality of its kings and queens. They were cruel and selfish, greedy and lazy. When Averil became queen, she was no exception; she cared only for her appearance.
  • At Christmas the Queen would hold a lavish party at her castle. She would demand that the people of Esdras give her their finest fabrics, beads and pearls to make her an extravagant party dress. After Queen Averil selfishly took the much loved scarf from Violet, a poor flower seller, Prince Ronan of the fairy people decided to finally teach the Queen a lesson.
  • More than just a picture book...
  • A moralistic story that reinforces many aspects of values education, such as treating others with kindness and respect.
  • Beautifully presented with brilliant use of colour throughout. These stimulating and detailed illustrations could be used as a basis for art and design lessons.
  • Ideal book for shared reading. Great Christmas gift or school prize. A must for every library!

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