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Tales to Tease and Tantalise

Tales to Tease and Tantalise
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Code: BB-102
Author: David James
ISBN/EAN: 9780980577495

Product Information

  • Suitable for students aged 10 - 14, these story books are ideal for class sets, reading lessons and whole-class discussions and are a 'must-have' item for libraries.
  • These stories are designed to make the reader think and reflect. They include questions to ponder as well as vocabulary lists and writing strategies.
  • Ranging from light and whimsical to eerie and obscure these outlandish tales, tall stories, strange encounters and mesmerising mysteries are sure to capture young minds.
  • Whether it's humour, action, mystery or suspense you'll find it in this collection of delightful tales, sure to bring much pleasure to discerning young readers.
  • There are stories based on fascinating real-life characters - some loveable, some despicable. Other tales, fall into the human interest genre but are equally riveting.
  • Written for both boys and girls these stories provide a unique mix of mystery and mirth.
  • Guaranteed to hold attention from go to whoa, the tales' unexpected twists and surprise endings will leave the young reader yearning for more.
Ideal for Ages 10-14

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