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The Interactive Music Room - Book 1 Mac Version

The Interactive Music Room - Book 1 Mac Version
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Code: BFP-10171
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 000000101714

Product Information

  • The Interactive Music Room has been developed using Easiteach® and works on all interactive whiteboards.
  • A real and dynamic brain-based learning environment—and an exciting new tool for teaching music in the classroom!
  • Activities, songs and games brought them to life in a whole new way.

Students can:

  • touch the screen to animate characters
  • touch and reveal
  • drag and drop notes, characters and icons
  • start and stop music
  • play virtual sounds and notes and perform a host of other Interactive functions.


  • a data disk (CD) containing the interactive program
  • an installer disk (CD) for Easiteach Player
  • an instructional DVD showing how to navigate and use the program
  • a teacher manual (with outcomes, teacher notes, assessment activities and worked solutions)
  • blackline masters – for students’ worksheets

Ideal for Beginning Primary

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