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More Alternatives to Worksheets

More Alternatives to Worksheets
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Code: CTP-3327
Author: Hiatt et al
ISBN/EAN: 030554033278

Product Information

  • Just what every teacher needs—a resource book with hundreds of meaningful and motivating activities that students can work on independently.
  • Now you and your students will never be at a loss for exciting and challenging projects.
  • A welcome change of pace from worksheets, these activities will raise student involvement to new levels and generate genuine enthusiasm for learning.
  • You will love the imaginative alternatives described in this book and so will your students.

These activities:

  • Are adaptable to any theme
  • Increase student involvement and motivation
  • Require students to apply skills, not just circle answers and fill in blanks
  • Emphasise written expression
  • Promote critical thinking
  • Allow all students to experience success
  • Require minimal teacher preparation

Ideal for Grades K-4

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