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Write a Super Sentence Revised Edition

Write a Super Sentence Revised Edition
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ISBN/EAN: 9781557996060

Product Information

  • See why Write a Super Sentence has been a teacher's favourite for years!
  • Help your students strengthen their sentence-writing skills.
  • Step-by-step directions guide students through the process of writing who, what, where, and when words and phrases.
  • Students tap into their creative side in order to brainstorm articles, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, and verbs that make their sentences shine.

You'll love Write a Super Sentence because it:

  • supports 6-Trait writing. Activities are designed to build skills in each trait—ideas, organisation, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and conventions.
  • comes with 2 ready-to-use transparencies. Providing writing models and guiding group work is a breeze with two Super Sentence Organiser transparencies—one for beginning writers and one for more advanced students.
  • includes materials to create a writing center. Multiple activities in fun formats provide independent practice to support your students' varied abilities.
  • inspires reluctant writers. Motivating topics and delightful illustrations make writing fun!

15 guided lessons help students learn a pattern for writing more compelling sentences:

  • Step 1: Brainstorming—Students start with a simple sentence then brainstorm ideas for adding who, what, where, and when words and phrases, as well as describing words. A transparency of the super sentence organiser helps you lead the class.
  • Step 2: Oral Sentences—As students add more details to their sentences, they practice reading their new super sentences aloud. While trying out different combinations of descriptive words and phrases, students become actively involved in the writing process and gain a better understanding of the parts of a sentence.
  • Step 3: Sentence Writing—Now that they're full of ideas, students can begin to write their own sentences. Writing forms with fun illustrations motivate students to form super sentences. They can piece together the words and phrases from the brainstorming activity, or come up with words and phrases of their own.
  • Step 4: Proof and Correct—Students are encouraged to self-edit by reading their work aloud.

The Super Sentence writing center includes:

  • sentence wheels
  • pull-through sentences
  • sentences-in-a-bag
  • practice worksheets.
  • Give your students the practice they need to become strong writers!

Ideal for Grades 1-3

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