Teaching Young Children

Teaching Young Children
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ISBN/EAN: 9781557998767

Product Information

  • The 300+ activities are designed to actively involve young learners.
  • Most activities require everyday materials usually found around the home or classroom.

Sections include:
  • Indoor Playtime—54 activities
  • Art Time—26 activities
  • Mealtime—53 activities
  • Story Time—26 activities
  • Outdoor Playtime—66 activities
  • While-You-Wait Time—24 activities
  • Travel Time—54 activities

  • Each activity states which skill area (large motor development, coordination and dexterity, language development, creativity, problem solving or memory and concentration) are developed by the activity.
  • Information on common developmental traits of 1 to 6 year olds also included.
Ideal for Ages 1-6

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