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Speaking in Sentences - Book 3

Speaking in Sentences - Book 3
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Code: ESSR-A0269
Author: Jenny Pyatt
ISBN/EAN: 9781877390647

Product Information

  • Innovative and practical oral language programme for middle to senior primary.
  • New ideas along with a fresh approach to well-established oral language components.
  • Engaging activities with a natural place in the general classroom programme.
  • Intensives specifically designed to assist students with special needs in oral language.

  • Teachers and students alike will be drawn to the oral language programme offered by these latest books in the Speaking in Sentences series.
  • Designed for 8- to 12-year-olds, the activities cater for a wide range of abilities, with some for general classroom use and others for children who have special needs in regard to oral language.
  • Activities can also be adapted to the junior primary school level.

  • One notable strength of these books is that they take a fresh approach to the standard components of any oral language programme, such as plays, current events, poetry and speeches.
  • They also contain new ideas and suggestions for other effective ways of encouraging students to speak clearly and to use correct grammatical structures.
  • Ultimately, with these books, students will be Speaking in Sentences with growing accuracy and confidence.

  • Specific oral language problems that may be addressed through the activities include: syntax, vocabulary, semantics and fluency.

  • When you get your students Speaking in Sentences, you will see their literacy skills soar!
Ideal for Ages 7-12

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