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Multilink Bag of 260 Cubes, 100 Prisms, 100 Isos and 40 Quadrants

Multilink Bag of 260 Cubes, 100 Prisms, 100 Isos and 40 Quadrants
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Product Information

  • This quality maths equipment will make words like perimeter, circumference and area come alive for your students.
  • The pieces come in 10 vibrant colours.
  • Multilink® is versatile maths equipment that can be used for problem solving, enquiry, chance and data, fraction, number, measurement, angle, percentage, shape and position skills.
  • The majority of the work deals with the cube, which has a 2cm edge and can be snapped together on all six sides.
  • The isos is a right-angled isosceles triangle. .
  • Two of the edges contain a hinge mechanism perfect for angles, fractions and construction.
  • The prism is based on an equilateral triangle with a 2cm edge. .
  • All prisms interlock on two faces and some will lock on to all three.
  • The quadrant is a pie-shaped piece with 4cm straight edges ideal for construction, fractions and percentages.

We only supply genuine Multilink® items.
Multilink® has registered trademark numbers 488904 & 488905 With the Australian Trade Marks Office.

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