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Adolescence: A Guide for Parents

Adolescence: A Guide for Parents
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Code: FIN-001
Author: M. Carr-Gregg & E. Shale
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451356

Product Information

  • ?Adolescence has changed.
  • Young people enter puberty earlier and leave home later.
  • Modern society expects children to grow up emotionally too quickly.
  • Michael Carr-Gregg is an adolescent psychologist and Erin Shale is a high school careers counsellor and teacher.
Their book covers:
  • the three big questions in an adolescent?s life: ?Am I normal??, Who am I?? and ?What is my place in the world??
  • useful approaches for parents and teachers such as good parenting, techniques for communicating well and how to provide an environment where young people feel safe, valued and listened to
  • knowing how to handle problems such as depression, relationships and emerging sexuality, drugs and eating disorders, before they become crises
  • parents? most frequently asked questions
  • how to set appropriate, negotiated boundaries
  • why the key protective factor for adolescents is a sense of attachment to a significant adult in their lives.

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