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Bully Blocking

Bully Blocking
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Code: FIN-058
Author: Evelyn Field
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451776

Product Information

  • Bully Blocking offers practical advice to help children (aged 4-16) deal with bullies who tease, exclude, intimidate or harass.
  • In this book renowned bullying specialist Evelyn Field provides parents and teachers with understandings and tested approaches to assist a child who is a target or a bully.
  • Importantly, this book shows how the attitudes of both bullies and their targets can be transformed to ensure that their self-destructive behaviour does not carry on into the future.

The Six Secrets of Relating, the core of the book, show children how to: 

  • Understand their feelings 
  • Realise why they are being bullied or teased (or why they bully others) 
  • Build their self-esteem 
  • Become confident communicators 
  • Create a 'power pack' of helpful skills
  • Develop a support network. 
  • Bully Blocking, a fully revised edition of the highly successful Bullybusting, includes a chapter on what schools can do about bullying and a supplement to help teachers apply the book's practical exercises and activities in the classroom.

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