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Coping Well - Positive ways to deal with life-challenging disease

Coping Well - Positive ways to deal with life-challenging disease
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Code: FIN-103
Author: Robin Battino
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451431

Product Information

  • Coping Well is a practical guide for those living with a life-challenging disease and for their carers.
  • It details the many effective coping strategies that Professor Rubin Battino has encountered through his extensive professional experience in private practice and support groups.

The book features a wide range of techniques and approaches that have a proven healing influence, including: 

  • relaxation methods such as guided imagery and meditation
  • support groups 
  • varieties of therapy such as art and journal writing
  • complementary medical treatment such as massage, acupuncture and hypnosis
  • nutrition
  • Also included are stories from sufferers of life-challenging disease, a patient's bill of rights, a patient/doctor agreement, important questions for those facing death, a 'living will' and a general power of attorney form. 
  • Coping Well provides valuable support for anyone facing serious illness, equipping both the sufferer and the carer with the resources required in such a difficult time.
  • It also explores the crucial issue of changes to the sufferer's sense of self and in relationships with loved ones.
  • This compassionate and imaginative resource focuses on alleviating the symptoms of serious illness and reducing the isolation that such illnesses often impose.
  • At the book's heart is a holistic approach to healing, integrating psychological, spiritual and emotional dimensions.

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