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Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness
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Code: FIN-220
Author: Cynthia Morton
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451585

Product Information

  • Emotional Fitness offers a program of 30 proven 'emotional workouts' to help people achieve balance, resilience and self-acceptance. 
  • According to Cynthia Morton, to be emotionally fit means 'to be unafraid of being yourself—warts and all.'
  • She believes that the hardest work we ever do in our lifetime is to build a loving and caring relationship with ourselves.
  • Her programs with clients help them learn how to care for themselves and handle life's challenges.
  • This book is based on experiential work and offers workouts that are structured at different levels.
  • These assist individuals to overcome sensitive and difficult issues in their lives and to reach self-acceptance.
  • Emotional Fitness also tells Cynthia's own life story, from the abuse she suffered as a child to the persistent patterns of self-abuse she developed as she grew up.
  • Cynthia's honesty about herself in dealing with the consequences of her background and her later behaviour represents the kind of emotional fitness she is advocating, and is a powerful testimony to its effectiveness.

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