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First-time Father

First-time Father
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Code: FIN-257
Author: T. White & Dr G. Russell
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451554

Product Information

  • For many men, the birth of their first child is a truly life-changing event.
  • The newness and wonder of it all—the unfamiliar, overwhelming love, the feelings of protectiveness and responsibility—often cause a man to redefine himself and his place in the world.
  • With such a momentous life change, it is important to family wellbeing that the transition be as smooth as possible.
  • In this practical and straightforward book, Tony White and Dr Graeme Russell help 'expectant' dads understand what is happening from the start of the pregnancy through to the first few months with their new baby.

They help fathers-to-be: 

  • empathise with their partner during the pregnancy, labour and birth 
  • understand how to work with their partner as a parenting team 
  • accommodate changes to the relationship (and their sex life) with their partner 
  • understand what their baby needs from them in terms of practical care and emotional support 
  • connect with their child 
  • appreciate the importance of fathers to children
  • consider strategies for balancing work and family life
  • Based on the authors' joint experience in working with dads in Australia for over 30 years, First-time Father helps men grow into the lifelong challenges and joys of fatherhood.

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