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The Happy Family

The Happy Family
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Code: FIN-351
Author: Ken & Elizabeth Mellor
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451127

Product Information

  • The Mellors have spent the past thirty years working with families.

The concepts they teach are simple and fundamental, such as:

  • Our families are little communities in which children learn how to live in the wider world;
  • We, as parents, are really on a 21-year journey with our children as we raise them to be responsible and happy adults;
  • Achieving a balance between our work and our family life is critical;
  • We can learn a lot about the challenges we face in parenting by considering our own childhood experience of families;
  • Families can get stuck in unhelpful patterns – but we can change these;
  • Parents need to model the behaviour they want to see from their children.

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