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Into Adulthood - A parent's guide to life with an 18—25-year-old student

Into Adulthood - A parent's guide to life with an 18—25-year-old student
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Code: FIN-371
Author: Dr. Jean Edwards
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451639

Product Information

  • Into Adulthood is a practical guide for parents of young people who have finished school and are progressing to further study at university, TAFE college or any other tertiary institution.
  • The authors, both university counsellors, work daily with the problems faced by students, and know well the stresses associated with moving from the more sheltered environment of high school to the independent world of tertiary study.
  • Into Adulthood also helps parents to understand and deal with what their children go through during the transition from late adolescence to adulthood, explaining the emotional and behavioural responses of students and parents to these changes.

The authors tackle the key issues that parents and students face:

  • The challenges of first year,
  • Navigating the subsequent years,
  • The questions of emerging adulthood ('Who am I? What do I believe in? What are my abilities? What direction do I want my life to take?'),
  • The complications of sexual friendships,
  • Growing independence and changing relationships in the family,
  • Maintaining good parent-child communication (especially about 'difficult' subjects like drug and alcohol use and mental health issues).
  • This practical and encouraging book helps parents understand how to best support their young adult children as they progress through tertiary education.

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