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Older Men's Business - Valuing relationships, living with change

Older Men's Business - Valuing relationships, living with change
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Code: FIN-551
Author: Jack Zinn
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451332

Product Information

  • As men age, many seem to become invisible and silent—and reluctant to talk about the significant things in their lives. Yet, once asked, older men approach such discussions with energy and remarkable insight.
  • In Older Men's Business, these men speak with clarity, passion and humour about changes to their lives and valuing their relationships.
  • They share their thoughts on work, retirement, family relationships, relocation, health, sexuality, spirituality, widowerhood, loneliness and depression.
  • Given the isolation of many older men, the impact of such issues is of real concern to their families—and makes it imperative for society to listen to what they have to say.
  • This book seeks to recognise the needs of these men and to provide those who care for them with a better understanding of their inner lives.
  • In writing Older Men's Business, Jack Zinn called for contributions and formed focus groups of older men and couples.
  • Letters flooded in, words poured forth as these men seized the opportunity to communicate how they felt, providing valuable insights into their lives.

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