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Raising Boys Cassettes

Raising Boys Cassettes
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Code: FIN-652
Author: Steve Biddulph
ISBN/EAN: 1876451254

Product Information

  • Since its publication in 1997, Raising Boys has been an outstanding success, selling over 250 000 copies in Australia and New Zealand and being translated into nine languages.
  • Most importantly it has resulted in a new awareness of the differences between boys and girls (something appreciated by every parent!) in the areas of brain development, behaviour, learning and family relationships.
  • In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph brings his humour, honesty and practical knowledge of families to the vital task of raising our sons.
  • This abridged version of Raising Boys is read by Steve Biddulph and has been especially adapted by him for audio.
  • The two cassettes give nearly three hours of listening pleasure.

Side One: 

  • The three distinct stages of boys' development

Side Two:

  • The powerful effects of male hormones on boys' psychology; significant new findings about the ways boy' brains are vulnerable; what you can do to overcome their difficulties

Side Three: 

  • The vital role a father plays in raising his son; the important relationship between mother and son

Side Four: 

  • How you can help boys develop a healthy sexuality; how schools can be improved to become good places for boys; some ways in which the whole community can support boys turning into men.

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