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Sex-Life Solutions

Sex-Life Solutions
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Code: FIN-700
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ISBN/EAN: 9781876451400

Product Information

  • Most books on sex sensationalise the possibility of amazing sexual success for everyone.
  • The truth is, in the real world, many people suffer sex problems in silence.
  • There is an urgent need for a book like Sex-Life Solutions, which gives straightforward answers to people who want understanding, clear direction and practical strategies.
  • In this book, sex therapist Jan Hall offers practical advice on how to think differently, talk together and solve sexual difficulties.
  • With the help of case studies from her practice, she explains ways to overcome common anxieties, problems with performance or rejection, patterns from the past that can block a happier relationship, different beliefs about sex, and difficulties caused by mismatched libido or by busy, stressful lifestyles.
  • Importantly, she helps men and women realise how the other may be thinking and feeling about such personal issues.

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