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Twelve Principles - Living with integrity in the twenty-first century

Twelve Principles - Living with integrity in the twenty-first century
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Code: FIN-745
Author: Martin Hawes
ISBN/EAN: 1876451483

Product Information

  • In a world seeking moral leadership, Twelve Principles proposes ways by which we can live responsibly, reappraise our values and develop a world consciousness.
  • These times of great change challenge us to reconsider the values by which we live.
  • Our pursuit of materialism has delivered vast inequalities in wealth, the destructive consequences of climate change, and ever-increasing divisions between peoples and countries.
  • It is a time when many are questioning the wisdom of the prevailing ethos.
  • Martin Hawes proposes twelve principles by which we can live responsibly in the world today.
  • Inspired by the teachings of the humanist thinker, J. Krishnamurti, these principles are applicable at a global as well as a personal level.
  • They are based on living with awareness, acting with integrity and appreciating our interrelationship with all life.
  • To illustrate these precepts in practice, the author includes profiles of twelve people from around the world who are effecting positive change in their own lives and communities.
  • By showing us what is possible, they inspire us all.
  • Includes a foreword by Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens.

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