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When Our Children Come Out

When Our Children Come Out
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Code: FIN-749
Author: Maria Pallota-Chiaro
ISBN/EAN: 1876451440

Product Information

  • How do we support our young people as they struggle with issues around the sexuality?
  • For many of them, the process of 'coming out' to their families, schools and communities can be very traumatic.
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered young people wrestle - all too often in isolation - with the difficulties of being 'different'.
  • Fears of rejection and alienation often lead to mental health problems, self-harm and even suicide.
  • These young people need families, schools and communities to 'come out' with them, to provide support, understanding and affirmation, and to be their allies against homophobia.
  • Drawing on the experiences of young people, parents, teachers and youth workers from different socioeconomic levels, diverse regions and many cultural backgrounds, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli has compiled a practical and moving guide for all those whose lives are affected when a young person comes out.
  • As many of these stories attest, support can mean the difference between tragedy and fulfillment.

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