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Your Child's Emotional Needs

Your Child's Emotional Needs
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Code: FIN-802
Author: Dr Vicky Flory
ISBN/EAN: 9781876451653

Product Information

  • In this ground breaking book, Dr Vicky Flory explores the emotional needs of children from birth to age 12, explaining what all children need in terms of a secure attachment to a parent, as well as detailing the specific needs at particular stages in a child's development.
  • She also discusses common emotional disorders and difficulties such as depression and anxiety.
  • Drawing extensively on the latest research, Dr Flory shows how children who have a secure parental attachment are far better equipped to enjoy healthy, connected relationships throughout their life than children who do not.
  • Her message is profound and simple: once you understand and meet children's emotional needs, you can help set them up for a happy life.
  • In this straightforward book she shows parents how.

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