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Differentiation and the Inclusive Classroom

Differentiation and the Inclusive Classroom
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Code: HB-1187
Author: Michael Pohl
ISBN/EAN: 9781743303481

Product Information

  • This resource focuses on infusing high-order thinking into the inclusive classroom.
  • In an inclusive classroom, what students learn, do and understand, may vary. How students are assessed may also vary.
  • This book seeks to clarifies how teachers may create a positive learning environment for all, by providing appropriate levels of challenge for all students.
  • It shows teachers how to plan differentiated learning activities.
  • Terminology such as differentiation, inclusive practices, complex thinking tasks and classroom culture of thinking are discussed and clarified.
  • A learning environment is described that provides for challenge; allows for differences; and is inclusive of the needs of students that vary in terms of their abilities, strengths, limitations, interests and preferred ways of learning.

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