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Thinking Skills & Eye Cue

Thinking Skills & Eye Cue
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Code: HB-6962
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 9781741012828

Product Information

  • This book reveals what happens when the normally private, abstract and invisible act of thinking is transformed into one that is public, concrete and visible.
  • Thinking Skills and Eye Q is a lexicon of visual tools - once tooled up, you can transform teaching and learning in your classroom.
  • This book provides a 39-piece tool kit.

Now you can use it to:

  • infuse the teaching of thinking skills into subject delivery;
  • develop writing skills in all six genres;
  • show students how to be independent and creative thinkers and learners;
  • ensure students know what logical and reasoned thinking looks like;
  • make questioning and responding an integral part of all lessons;
  • extend the thinking of gifted and talented students;
  • better understand skills and attitudes in all learners;
  • raise Eye Q.


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