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Ultimate Quizzles
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Code: HB-7924
Author: Michael Pohl
ISBN/EAN: 9781742397924

Product Information

  • Quizzles are designed to provide the stimulation required by the brain to think better.
  • They challenge and extend the way you think, in a way that is both relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Those teachers familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives will be aware of the need to teach the skills of analytical, critical and creative thinking.
  • This book provides practise for solving puzzles to assist in the development of analytical thought processes—the ability to examine discrete parts of something in order to better understand the whole.
  • The book also encourages critical thinking as students decide between alternatives and arrive at a defensible solution.
  • Teachers can assist by drawing attention to the strategies that are the 'keys' to unlocking the puzzles.


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