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Dinosaurs Downunder

Dinosaurs Downunder
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Code: IAP-301
Author: Ron Shaw
ISBN/EAN: 9780980647624

Product Information

  • Exciting new fossil discoveries in various parts of Australia make this an excellent time for children to be learning about Aussie dinosaurs, massive beasts that we may justifiably claim as our own.
  • Determined palaeontologists have been delighted with the ?different?, dangerous and deadly dinosaurs they?ve discovered in more than a dozen digs Downunder.
  • With kind permission of staff and creators of websites including Australian Age of Dinosaurs, the Australian Dinosaur Story (Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts) and Dann?s Dinosaurs (Dann Pigdon) IAP presents this new classroom resource for Australian teachers and their students, guaranteed not only to make learning easy and fun but also challenging and stimulating.
  • While some exercises are research-based and require external references, others - calling upon the skill of clear and logical thinking - may be completed in a one-time session at students? desks.
  • There are Australian Dinosaur puzzles (crossword, wordsearch, jumbled words), tasks requiring the matching of words with phrases, cloze exercises, reading comprehension and more.
  • Answers included.
Ideal for Ages 10-14

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