Science Toys and Crafts

Science Toys and Crafts
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Code: IFA-19241
Author: Barbara J. Fagenbaum
ISBN/EAN: 9781740257503

Product Information

  • Science encompasses children’s lives from the moment they wake up, to eating breakfast, travelling to school, turning on a computer and even watching a glorious sunset.
  • Regardless of age or ability, children experiment with the world around them, asking the scientific questions 'Why?', 'How?' and 'What if?'.
  • As teachers, we need to bring children learning opportunities that capture their interest in science and play.
  • Turn your classroom into an undersea world or outer-space adventure with classroom dioramas.
  • Have fun making models of toys and experiment with engaging activities.
  • The best science instruction captures children's interest, encourages open-ended discovery and leaves children excited.
  • Use Science Toys and Crafts to create that excitement!

Ideal for Years 3-6

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