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Character Education - Years 6-12 Book 1

Character Education - Years 6-12 Book 1
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Code: INA-4357
Author: J. Heidel & M. Lyman-Mersereau
ISBN/EAN: 9781864019858

Product Information

  • An essential series that will promote the importance of strong character throughout the school.
  • Years K-6 Book 1 covers the first year of a two year program of character education.
  • The program works well on an individual classroom basis, but will be most effective when implemented on a school wide scale.
  • When students see values being practised throughout the school they will be more inclined to base their actions on these values.
  • Years K-6 Book 2 builds on the first year of the program.
  • Widespread improvement in areas such as student behaviour, self-esteem, school spirit and academic achievement can be expected.
  • Years 6-12 Book 1 covers the first year in a two year character education program for secondary students.
  • The resource reflects a plan for engaging the entire school community in character development.
  • Focusing on particular virtues including respect and courage, core problems within character education are addressed.
  • Years 6-12 Book 2 completes the secondary program.
  • Students will benefit both personally and academically as the school starts to reflect values learned through these programs.
Ideal for Years 6-12

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