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Jolly Phonics Extra

Jolly Phonics Extra
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Product Information

  • A comprehensive kit of multi-sensory resources including a TalkingPEN, that helps children who are struggling to read and write.
  • Jolly Phonics Extra makes reading more accessible for those children who struggle with learning to read, giving them a variety of different ways to access the texts and improve their skills.

This Kit contains:

  • TalkingPEN*
  • Letter Sounds Book*
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Flash Cards*
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil Books 1, 2, & 3
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Teacher’s Book
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Red Level (18 different titles)*
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Yellow Level (18 different titles)*
  • Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Green Level (18 different titles)*

*Compatible with the TalkingPEN. The Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil and Teacher’s Books do not respond to the TalkingPEN.

Please note that the TalkingPEN only works with the items in the Jolly Phonics Extra kit and not other standard Jolly Phonics products.

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