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Jolly Phonics My First Letter Sounds

Jolly Phonics My First Letter Sounds
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Code: JL-747
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ISBN/EAN: 9781844144747

Product Information

  • With My First Letter Sounds, children learn all of the letter sounds of the English language, not just the alphabet letters.
  • Learning the letter sounds is the first step towards reading and writing.
  • My First Letter Sounds provides an easy introduction to these by: Learning the sounds that letters make (not their names) - a written pronunciation guide is included in the book.
  • Learning how to write the letters - arrows on each letter enables children to form it correctly.
  • Identifying the sounds in words using the pictures in the book and asking children if they can hear the /ssss/ sound in ‘sun’.
  • 22 pages.
  • Tips and guidance for parents included.

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