The Grammar Handbook 2

The Grammar Handbook 2
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Code: JL-960
Author: S. Wernham & S. Lloyd
ISBN/EAN: 9781870946964

Product Information

  • A comprehensive follow-on for the year after The Grammar Handbook 1.
The Grammar Handbook 2 aims to:
  • introduce new elements of grammar
  • teach new spelling patterns systematically
  • develop dictionary and thesaurus skills
  • improve vocabulary and comprehension
  • reinforce the teaching in The Grammar Handbook 1

The Grammar Handbook 2 has a similar format to the first handbook with:
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons, with a programme of two days per week over the year.
  • revision and extension of Jolly Phonics
  • photocopiable activities
  • actions for the grammar points
  • The children on the front cover of the book are doing the 'action' for conjunctions.
Ideal for Lower and Middle Primary

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