Living Values In Song! Values Education for Primary Schools Book and CD

Living Values In Song! Values Education for Primary Schools Book and CD
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Code: KC-201
Author: N.O'Hanlon & K. Radloff
ISBN/EAN: 9780980448924

Product Information

  • A Lesson in Every Lyric
  • It is well known that music has universal appeal to students of all ages and abilities. The songs in this resource have catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. They convey and reinforce important messages, move the emotions, entertain and challenge. They will also provide opportunities for students to explore musical concepts through a variety of activities.
  • Living Values in Song will raise awareness and understanding of core values, enabling students to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. Each song in this resource is jam-packed with values which can help unlock each student's potential and create caring, effective and contributing members of society.
  • Living Values in Song is a new dynamic Australian resource specifically created for primary school classroom teachers.
  • This complete teaching resource contains a CD of songs and a book with a list of targeted values and outcomes, practical 'Suggestions for Use' as well as photo copy ready words for each song.
  • It provides an excellent values-based platform for students to learn curriculum content through music.
  • It contains values-based songs, and ideas for use within the classroom or by the whole school assembly.

Themes include:
  • Multiculturalism,
  • Care of the Environment,
  • Friendship,
  • Responsible Choices,
  • Self-Esteem,
  • Safety,
  • Health and Happiness.
Ideal for Years K-6
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