English Language Toolbox: Proverbs

English Language Toolbox: Proverbs
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Code: LP-8244
Author: Betty Kirkpatrick
ISBN/EAN: 9789814107150

Product Information

  • Proverbs, which are traditional sayings often expressed in clever, witty and memorable language, are an important part of English.
  • Many of them have been in existence for hundreds of years.
  • They add interest and colour to English and a knowledge of them will enrich both the learner?s comprehension and use of the language.
  • This dictionary is more than a reference book; it is designed as a useful tool for learning English.
  • It contains a selection of common proverbs, with explanations of their origins and alternative forms where appropriate, over 1000 example sentences, 13 passages showing the proverbs in context and 10 sets of questions, with answers, for self-testing.
Ideal for Secondary

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