Reading Skills 2A

Reading Skills 2A
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Code: LP-8412
Author: Jodie Keys
ISBN/EAN: 9789814107099

Product Information

  • This is a series of four books which takes the young reader from the pre-school stage to the first year of formal school.
  • Each book in the series contains a wide range of activities designed to develop basic reading skills, especially in the areas of competency as discrimination (visual followed by auditory), ordering (including alphabetical ordering), directionality, comprehension, conceptualisation and word recognition, including vocabulary development.
  • Develop a curiosity about words, how they sound, the patterns within words and how they are composed.
  • Develop an awareness of letter names and sounds and, thus, recognise familiar words and letters.
  • Explore and experiment with sounds, words and texts.
  • Extend their vocabulary.
  • Read a range of familiar, and common, words and simple sentences independently.
  • Begin to gain an understanding of how information can be found in both fiction and non-fiction text.
Ideal for Preschool to Year 1

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